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Here are some "signs" to look for in your e-mail messages that are red flags of scam solicitations. (With our 2 websites and 4 e-mail addresses we get our share of solicitations!):

[1] The "subject line" is strange or obscure.

[2] The writer of the message has a VERY POOR usage of the English Language and does not fit even USA regional and/or ethnic ways of speaking.

[3] The writer may have a very "formal" and "respectful" way of addressing you.

[4] They often don't care about details of your livestock, just want to "buy all" or "buy some".

[5] They ask you for your lowest price for one, some, all of your stock.

[6] They may say this is a "cash deal" or other tempting thing.

[7] The sender's name at the end of the message is usually a "USA Friendly" common name--the sender is usually someone else in reality.

[8] The sender may want to purchase some of your stock sight unseen and/or he/she is in a foreign country (where similar stock is available in their location).

[9] The sender asks you to send them prices and photos of your stock--they may have seen your adv. on another board or free classified site--even though you have ALREADY posted a price and/or photos on another site they saw.

[10] Chances are the sender of the e-mail or offer to purchase is from Nigeria or another one of those fraudulent operations infiltrating the internet.

Final advice: Don't even open any attachments or even reply to any of those messages/offers. By doing so, you will confirm that you received their e-mail and confirm that your e-mail address is valid. Any "third-party or escrow" money transfer issues are usually part of the scam. Just remember the type of questions and comments local buyers ask as well as the USA people do--compare that to the content of messages you receive!

Be careful out there!

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