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Jeanne - Simme Valley

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Dec 9, 2004
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Central Upstate New York


Wahoo !! I finally posted a picture full size. Still can't post picture off my phone. errrr
Anyway, this is a 3 year old bull that I sold as a weaned calf. Buyer just sent me pictures.
Great bull. I love your cattle.

It is easy to post pictures from your phone.

1. Pictures in your photo gallery
2. Use your internet explorer and type in tinypics
3. When tinypics loads. Use their upload capabilities.
4. It will ask you where the file is. Let it take you to your photo gallery and select the picture you want.
5. Select the format. In this case, it is for a forum.
6. Then click upload.
7. They may ask you to enter a word to confirm you are not a robot.
8. When your picture is loaded. Copy the URL and paste it into your message.

Sounds like a lot but It only takes a minute.
It is always nice to hear back from buyers several years after you sell them. Sometimes it gives you encouragement when you hear how happy someone is with an animal that you raised