Santa Gertrudis

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Feb 16, 2004
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De Soto MO
For anyone interested, there will be a Santa Gertrudis sale this Saturday in Springfield, MO. In addition to the registered stock, there will be % Gerts there as well. I believe that one breeder is bringing some Gert X Chi/Maine?Angus heifers.
So at the sale yesterday, a 2 Star Marbling 2 Star Tenderness cow sold for $12,200 (Only a 2 year old as well). For info on the meaning of the "Stars", go to
There are only about 3% of the S.G. breed that have numbers that high. Last October King Ranch had a bull with a total of 6 Stars, and sold for $48,000. A 4 Star bull sold in August for $24,000.
We are the first breed to utilize this DNA test and it has shown to be very successful in marketing cattle.
Wow, terrific web page. I truley appreciate your posting this. I will refernence your thread in another discussion we are having on shearforces.

Thanx again

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