Santa Gertrudis Cattle in Idaho

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I grew up down south and around my favorite breed of cattle- Santa Gertrudis. I now live in southern Idaho and have yet to see a Santa Gertrudis in this area. I just bought some land and have been thinking about a few cows. Nothing big- just enough to work my horses, raise one a year for beef and let my son raise a steer for 4-H. I would LOVE to run some Santa Gertrudis. How would they winter up here? Is this the reason I haven't seen any of them?
There is one breeder in Idaho near Council, there is one in Montana near Bozeman and then there is me In Alberta Canada. They winter pretty much like any other breed and grow a winter coat. If you have any further questions... write me at <A HREF="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</A>. I'll send you pics of them knee deep in the snow in 20 below weather

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