Salt/Mineral block

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If the ONLY thing you are going to offer your cattle is a block, then it should be a mineral block. BUT, it's been said, that cattle would need to lick a block 24 hours a day to get enough mineral needed. I would suggest offering loose salt/mineral mix. We keep it in "swinging" 50 gallon drums hung from a tree. Cut an oval hole in the side for their head, drill a hole off-center (you want it to hang so that the hole is facing a little downward) on the top & place an eye bolt for the hanger. . This helps keep the rain out. Worming is one of the most costly management practice, but it is generally cost affective. Check with your local livestock extension person. We worm twice a year - late spring and fall (before 11-15). Jeanne
> Is it best to put out plain salt
> blocks or salt/mineral blocks?
> Also, should I worm my cattle once
> or twice a year?

> Thanks for any help, Jaon

Simme Valley in NY
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We keep both salt and mineral blocks out in covered feeders. The cows are free to get what they need. We also worm both in the late spring and in the fall before turning out on rye

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