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Apr 25, 2004
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College Station, Texas
my ag teacher told me i should get a salt block for my bull. he also said i should check with someone who knows if they are safe for brahmans (since they are so different). so im here to ask if a salt block is ok for my bull to have. figured its best to make sure before i do it. also is one of those salt blocks with the minerals in it better or just the salt?

put out a trace mineral block for him . do you have loose minerals out ????? :cboy:
no, i dont. thats why i asked about those blocks with the minerals and salt mixed. as you can see im pretty clueless about this stuff still. but im slowly learning more and more.
A trace mineral block is better than a plain salt block, which is better than no salt. Keep in mind that it only provides salt and trace minerals, as the name implies. Doesn't have any calcium or phosphorous. Unless your ration balances those requirements, I think you need a complete mineral.

Blocks are better than nothing, but some of us work pretty hard to prevent our minerals from blocking up. In my opinion, a loose mineral and salt mix gives more reliable consumption.

Try a sack of Evergreen Triple 12 or something similar. Contains 12% each of Salt, Calcium and Phosphorous plus trace minerals. Now is a good time for you to start reading the tags to see what's in them. That way you can help your ag teacher some, because he sounds like he needs it. I like the Evergreen because it doesn't rock up as bad in wet weather as some of them do and it is heavy enough that it doesn't blow off as bad.

One sack should last a year. Just put out a pound or two at a time to keep it fresh, but keep it out all the time. After he satisfies his initial salt craving, he should level off to about one pound per week.
Brahmans LOVE a salt block. We always have either a yellow or white block out, and we use a good bagged mineral. Purina also has one that's "weather proof".. we just keep a pile of it out in the feed bunks.
Brahman cattle, are just that, they are cattle, they are heat tollerant, and disease resistant, but they are still cows, even though =they are smarter than many other breeds of cattle, and will try to out think you if given the chance,

Loose minerals are the way to go, salt blocks are better than nothing, but consumption is sub-optimal

There are lots of good loose minerals out there, I use Vigortone 32S plus and Cattle breeder, Moormans is good, and a ballanced mineral with Calcium, phosphorus, A, D, E, is ideal, there are a bunch more, I just can't think of what they are just now

Spend the $$$ on the loose minaral, when you get your bull semen tested you will see the results, it makes a huge difference, in quality and quantity

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