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Jan 20, 2004
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I went to the local fair yesterday and went through the cattle exzibits. I went to the Salers show and I really liked the look of these cattle. If anybody raises them and knows about them, are they good cattle? Do they have good or poor EPD's? How does there future look?
Have seen them also, good looking cattle. The R.A. Brown ranch in Throckmorton, TX raises Salers. I think they have a website, try a Google search. The Salers are a french breed if I remember correctly. Low birth weights, good milkers, early finishers, and good rib eye area from what I remember reading. Hope this helps :)
I've got some red Salers females that are outstanding animals. I've been very pleased with them.

On the other hand, maybe it's just my luck, the most lethal (and I do mean lethal) cow to calve out that I own is a black Salers (Frankencow).

Take care.
I have a cow that is an ET. She had a saler recip mamma. DO NOT get between her and her calf. You will come out of with nothing less that a broken bone.

On the other hand, maybe it's just my luck, the most lethal (and I do mean lethal) cow to calve out that I own is a black Salers (Frankencow).
We had a saler bull one time and he was meaner than snot. He went through every fence on the place. We had him about 9 months and he was gone.
Other then one old Gray Brahman range bull that would do it, the only time I've been stalked was by a bunch of Salers recips. I was looking at a herd of Simmenthals and I'ld get that "being watched" feeling up my spine. I'ld turn around and there would be a couple of those Salers easing along and watching. It was creepy.

Someone here once said that fences were just a suggestion for where you want cattle to stay. Salers don't take suggestions very well.
Friend of mine down the road has a small herd of 20+ salers. We do worming/vaccinations for him. No real problems seen. They raise some pretty nice calves.
The saler breeders have been working hard to improve disposition- good cattle and a great cross except for disposition- and the fact some of those original cattle were taller than a saddle horse. I haven't worked with many for several years (most that had them in our area got rid of them), but the saler raisers of a few years ago didn't need any gates- just get them near a fence and they'd clear it or tear it down.

I brand inspected one herd of saler cross calves for several years- the calves had to be worked from horseback- anyone on foot either got taken or kicked.

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