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Ive never before gotten a calf from the sale barn but we picked one up 1 week ago today for my son. We picked it up just hours after it was born. We have kept it isolated from anyother calves that we have in our corrals(we have a set of twins and their momma back there)to be sure it didnt come down with anything. So far she appears healthy, ddrinks her bottles well and has normal poop for her age. My question- When can I safely turn her out in the corrals with the twin calves? I dont want to pass any virus along to the twins. The bum calf loves to be outside running around!! Thanks for all your help!

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>ok, I spoke to soon. Shes acts fine, but today I noticed in her sort loose stool, a tinge of blood!!! Yikes, she is only 1 week old, is that the start of cocciadias?(sp?) I detect some sniffles as well. Any suggestions? Nuflor? Electrolytes?

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My vet recommends a MINIMUM 30 day isolation for any new cow or calf brought from outside the herd.

I'm sorry to hear the calf is ill, but am not surprised. They are so delicate and exposed to so many bugs at the sale that it's the rare one that doesn't scour.

It's impossible to diagnose the cause of the illness from this distance. Personally, I would have the vet evaluate the calf asap. Keep it hydrated & watch it closely. You can lose these little ones all too quickly.

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