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Jeanne - Simme Valley

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Dec 9, 2004
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Central Upstate New York
you should have been there.
62 lots averaged $2160
Yearling heifers were the buy of the day. Averaged $1583. High selling yearling Lot 34 Kevin Bishop $3800 sold to Phillip Shields, IL.
2nd high Lot 15 Buena Vista $2900 sold to Black Ridge Simm, NC.
High selling open fall Heifer: Lot 17 Hudson Pines Farm $12,500, sold to Mary Gooden, DE.
2nd high fall heifer: Lot 5, Simme Valley $5100 sold to Darin Smigh, IL
High selling C/c pair Lot 58 Sand Ranch $3500 sold to Pond View, MD
2nd high selling pair Lot 61 Simme Valley, $3450 sold to Harvey Baskin, CT.
High selling Fall Bred yearlings Lot 42 Simme Valley $3000 sold to Pam Haley, Haley Farm, OH
2nd high selling fall yrlg Lot 44 Mountain View $2800 sold to Bubba Perrilloux, LA

Our 4 c/c pairs brought: Lot 54 $2600 Roy Canada, Ky; Lot 64 $3000 HPF, NY; Lot 62 $3000 Bangma Farm, IN; Lot 61 $3450 Harvey Baskin, CT
Our bred yearling UhOh Lot 31 $1200 sold to Ed Sloat, NJ (THE buy of the day!) Hopefully he will show her.

We ended up averaging $3050 on our live lots. Our embryos only brought $150/each, but a guy called in and wanted them but got cut off on his internet connection. So, I'm selling him a set private treaty.
All in all, we did great!!!

You really should try to get to the next one - easy on-line sale. No games get played - straight sales. Cattle sold to 16 states besides PA. The "walk-in" buyer from DE came with her young son & daughter in-law newlyweds 1 week. Noone knew them. We do NOW!! They also purchased a few others.
Had another walk-in, Luther Nicholson from VA - purchased 12 lots!
Thanks! The host farm, Mountain View, CLO - Cliff Orley, & us reorganized a previous known sale. We renamed it, got a new sale manager, & invited other consignors. Last year was our first sale. It also was extremely good, and we (Simme Valley) did really well last year, also. So this was our 2nd year of success! It should continue to grow with the quality of cattle being offered each year.
Bigbull - yes, they were super prices in this economy. We suspected that there were "games" played in the old sale, so it really feels good to have a good CLEAN sale.
And "photoshopped" pictures didn't hurt the sale :lol: :lol: All cattle were presented slick sheered - except the babies & 3 of the 4 fall heifer calves were blocked out, not slick sheered. I hate presenting calves slick sheered - they look like drowned rats! Plus, most of us slick sheered 3 weeks ago & we were still REALLY cold. Actually, it was 28 degrees this AM!
its always best to run a fair an honest no monkey bussiness buying or selling the cattle.
Jeanny, I thought the sale done really well, I was impressed with the cattle and the friendly atmosphere, dispite the sloopy conditions. The ones we hauled back really seem to be enjoying this Virginia grass.
Sloppy wasn't the word!! Poor Tom & Barb Vossler - when we delivered our cattle there on the Sunday prior to the sale, everything was so green & beautiful. They had just had 5 inches of rain that week, and it was raining while we were there. All the cattle went in the far left big field. Nothing went into the long paddocks. They got another 4 inches of rain. Would you believe we WASHED all the cattle with a pressure washer on Friday. As they were cleaned, they were put in the age group paddocks. Everything was starting to dry out. Than it poured thru the night. By sale morning, Saturday, everything was back muddy again - including the cattle.
A lot of cattle went down to Virginia.
L Weir":3kpz1j4j said:
How did the cow that got herself stuck sell? Which one was she? I'm glad to see the sale went so well for you.
She was the red cow Lot 61 and she was the 2nd high selling c/c pair. She was really a crowd favorite. She had a lot of areas that were different colored hair - where she had scraped & cut herself up, but other than that, you wouldn't know it.

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