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Apr 14, 2007
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Gonna haul 6steers today, probably about 800lb[ though I am the worst guesser].I have to say I have some severe apprehension due to the market. Probably not going to be a big turnout at the barn because of weather and holiday season.I hope the transmission holds out in my 3/4 ton, anyway they need to go.Ill let you know what happens.
Hope you do good. Never no about holiday season might get lucky and everybody be trying to buy enough to get them threw the holidays and get a bump. Had the Lauras Lean buyer to offer me mid 90's on 7 weight steers yesterday.
Well, the tranny held out and the boys avgd 722lb and brought 84cents which was more than any others there so I was pretty tickled. Epecially when the ring man came up to me later and complimented me on them, Satisfaction AND a small[very small] profit. Thanks for all the comments.
Prices have rebounded about 5-10 cents in my area the last couple of weeks. That's not too bad of a price you got there. Cattle producers may just have to hold on for a wild ride the next couple years. We were due for a down turn anyhow.
Last sale of the year held yesterday. Calf market looked to be $7 -$8 per cwt. better than the week before.

Had a couple of orders and barely got to bid as the market was $6 to $10 per cwt more than my customers wanted to pay. Maybe we have hit the bottom and can start getting back to a profitable situation for all segments.

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