Sale barn trip today

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Sep 9, 2009
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Free Rent ,VA
Well I finally made the nearly 3 hour trip today to go up in the hills that I had been talking about and met up with " Toad" and " SD1030 " and spent the day with them at the barn had fun we plan on doing it again. Toad is such a good friend and concerned about me not getting any cheap calves that him being the good friend that he is ... Decided he would make a sacrifice and told me he hated me driving all the way home empty and he wanted to help me out. He decided the way to help me was to charge me $75.00 more than he had paid for a bred cow... WHAT A DEAL ? :roll: However, I declined the offer and went home empty. Sd1030 I think came up with that plan...You gotta watch them. Good time we plan on doing it again. The calves I normally buy were 300 bucks more than I normally pay for them. :shock: I told sd1030 its nothing wrong with leaving with an empty trailer and I wasn't upset. Toad told me no more hanging out with me because he had no intention on buying anything :lol2: Sure is fun spending other peoples money. SD1030 wouldn't get the bidders number and give to me however Toad did had he not came back before I started bidding he was going to have a lot of 8000# of #2 steers :lol2: The best deals at the barn were the bred cows.

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