Sale barn today in NE Texas

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Dec 27, 2003
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Paris, Texas
Well I went to the sale barn today, as an observer.. good news!!! I did not see much difference in prices. The younger calves sold higher (300-500) range and went from .98 to a high (saw only one) of 1.27.. mostly in the .98-1.01 range. Cows sold for around .65 - .75 and packer bulls near .45 - .60 .. everyone I talked to said they did not see any drop off at all. I dont usually go to this sale barn, but it is close and was the first sale in this area since the holidays.. going to another one in the early part of the week, in another county.. will keep u posted. :D
I went to Emory yesterday as they had their first sale of the year. Lots of people wanting to check out the market. Slaughter cows were off a little with the top cows bringing up to $52.50 9before Christmas they brought up to $57-$58). Calves were off about $10 per cwt. on 500 -700 lb calves as compared to before Christmas. Do want to note that some of the regular order buyers were absent. Their companies had planned to start back on January 5 before the BSE scare. Replacement cows were steady except maybe a little weaker on short solid mouth bred cows. On a whole I was pleasantly surprised that the market was better than anticipated. Maybe this thing will bounce back.
We checked with the Paris Texas sale and the prices were the same as you posted. I was shocked that they held that well. I guess I was expecting a huge bust. We are going to sell some in Oklahoma Tuesday I guess we will see how that goes.
i called the Paris sale and Emory sale barns saturday afternoon. Paris had 474 head and Emory had a little over 900 head. Normally they will runn 1700 to sometimes over 2000 head, not an empty seat in the house at Paris, most everyone had just come to see how they were selling. The prices were like Dyann said, holding pretty good. Emory was just like Guest had said, even if the prices are off a little right now, they are still better prices than we were getting the past couple years, up until this year.

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