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Jan 7, 2008
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Longtime Alabama Limousin Breeders might remember Bill Carleton who was very active in the breed in the 80s and 90s has passed. Bill was our County Cattleman's Assocation President ~10 years ago and I liked the guy. Unfortunately, he apparently had some issues with his son, Bob who reportedly shot the old gentleman in the back of the head yesterday. ... depar.html
That is awful! I read the story and some accompanying stories. I don't know this man, but the whole thing reminds me of an older cattleman here who has had problems of this nature with his son. I believe the son has taken a couple of shots at him before...and so far he's missed. My brother intercepted the son once as he headed into an auction that his father was attending. I guess people kind of look over their shoulders anymore. Sad, sorry state of affairs this kind of thing is.

yes that is a very sad thing.but the truth is some families dont get along no matter what.
bigbull338":2fksu6i7 said:
yes that is a very sad thing.but the truth is some families dont get along no matter what.

There is nothing wrong with disliking a family member. If you really, really hate a parent...move and never let them know of your wherabout or see/know of their Grandchildren. Assassinating a parent (or anyone for that matter) just to revel in the moment is a perverse pleasure.
yes your right the best thing is to leave them alone.but sometimes that just dont work.a year or so ago 2 brothers that hated eachother got into it.1 went an got or had a he shot an killed his brother right next to a church.
kerley":fx6jtro3 said:
How can any son kill his own father, or anyone.
mental illness can even turn a loved one into a monster.. theres a man here thats a schiephrenic... he would walk constantly, i bet there wasnt a ounce of fat on him. and he would walk for miles a day ive seen him stop and be talking to sombody who wasnt there and sometime be trying too run em off like they where followin' telling what kinda he1# he was going through in his head. but it all came too a head one day, with a fight with his father and sister .he was beating both up and his paw shot him in the flight and a year later you wouldnt know him he got treatment and aint the same person
I don't think there is ever any reason to put yourself in that sort of position. If you can't see somebody on the street without wanting to kill that person, MOVE and I mean 200, 500, or a 1000 miles away (and don't send a forwarding address or come visit either).........and if that means giving up your paid for, rent free house on your family's ranch (as Bob had)....DO IT anyway.

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