Run piggy piggy piggy!

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Mar 12, 2014
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NE Texas
Wow, that's crazy....
This morning our son in law called and asked if my husband killed 4 pigs on the road over night after driving up on them on his way to work. Husband did go hunting, but came in at 1:30 and I was up at 4am....They weren't on the road when he came in and I heard no gunshots when I was awake. We went down to see if someone shot them road hunting and we were surprised to discover someone ran them down. No truck parts were on the road, no skid marks. They were big too, all over 150#..One was maybe 200.. What we could tell is it was intentional as there were acceleration marks... Some pines are being thinned and there are semis going in and out and they get out at around 4am...I heard them coming in, but heard nothing weird. But we suspect one of them mowed through a big group of them taking out 4 big crater making pasture fleas....

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