rough week for the truck

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Dec 13, 2008
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Lillooet, BC, Canada
well, with the snow we had around here, it's been a rough week for the truck, got in a small accident on friday, need a new front bumper... with all the snow, I needed the 4x4, which didn't last for long, as my inner axle U joint yoke snapped and mangled everything in there (I saw this coming, I have a spare front end) so I swapped that out, as well as new brake discs, and now I find out the transfer case front drive chain is stretched and jumps once in a while GRR

Has anyone ever replaced a transfer case chain without removing it from the vehicle? (94 dodge dually diesel 5 speed).. from what I see of the exploded views, it might nearly be possible.. any opinions on it?

Meanwhile if anyone has one of these things and has had problems with a sinking brake pedal (and it's not the master cylinder) I could use some help there too!
Nesi don't know about the chain but on the brakes put a plug in your master cylinder where the rear brake line goes and see if it still sinks
if it doesn't I bet ya need to adjust the rear brakes or check the wheel cylinders

if it does try plugging the front line and if that doesn't show anything plug both lines

if it still does it try bleeding the master cylinder by itself it could be just air in the sytem

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