Rough hay field

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Mar 12, 2014
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NE Texas
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Just how bumpy is it? All our hay fields are rough..Just about every custom place is rough...Here is one i cut last year, got out of cutting it this year..yay..
The ground is a piece of new ground where the stumps have rotted out and I have big holes. If you hit one and aren't ready for it you will almost lose your seat. I don't want to lose the Bahia stand though so I was wondering how to alleviate stump holes with as little as possible Bahia loss. I have filled in a few with tractor and bucket but too many to do all this way. I appreciate everyone's input and I believe I will try the disc and harrowing in late winter.
My experience with Bahia is the harder you try to kill it the thicker it gets. I think it will grow on concrete.
When we bought our place, i had no knowledge of bahia, the place was covered in Sage grass, dalis grass and bermuda......About 1990, i saw my first patch in someones yard around here. Last year, we had patches around our place, but no field we'd call a bahia field....This year we are about at 50% in every field with a couple being almost 100%, and thats without us doing a thing. Its growing where nothing but PoorJoe would grow. Its much better than sage. Its maybe the same as dalis but without the worry about it becoming toxic..The cows love it. I just dont want it in my yard
Not sure if plowing is going to get rid of stump holes. We have a 80 acre pasture where a stand of pines burned in 2000. That was the gosh awfullest rough field forever. We've just grazed it, shredded it and after 15 years its tolerable to drive and mow over. We've baled it occasionally..

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