Rough Day

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Oct 20, 2008
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Today work started out pretty good. When I went out to bring the milkers in I noticed one of the dry cows in the barn beside the turnout area had some discharge. Went in and found a healthy, dry heifer calf, ten days early. Pretty little thing, got her fed and happy. Not a thing wrong with her. Her name is UM Bay Dreamer RIVAH OF LOVE-After the George Strait song and spelled that way because we are Mainahs up heah. Anyways, day was going great, had to lead a couple tours of kindergarteners through, but other than that, business as usual. I went in to the dairy to do noon check and was scraping back the cows. A first calver (calved a couple of weeks ago, breach heifer calf, dead) was curled up, like cows do when they are sleeping. I said her name and she didn't respond and I noticed her eyes didn't look right, ran up and her tongue was hanging out. She had her foot over her stanchion chain and was hanging herself. I got her collar off as fast as I could but I think she was dead before I even saw her. She had been fine about half an hour ago when I was last in there. Shame. She was a big, beautiful heifer with a lot of potential. She had given us some trouble when she first started milking but she had come right around and was sweet as could be. Gotta love how farming works. Couldn't have been one of the ugly, nasty cows. Frustrating but I guess that's the ways it goes. But with the new calf I guess we are even. :?
That is a rough day Love Moo. The only way I know of to prevent an occasional bad day with cattle is to sell them and not get any more. Happy to hear about the little calf.

That sucks for you, though I do know how you feel we recently had a cow die in the parlour while milking, unfortuantely she was in the middle of the run whe she died.

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