rotational grazing

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> Is anybody in or near Middle
> Tennessee running a rotational
> grazing program? I'd like to look
> at one and get some ideas and
> advice. Thanks

I am not in Tennessee but I have practiced rotational grazing all my adult life. If you have any questions and you think I may help you e-mail me at <A HREF="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</A> Good luck, it works.

[email protected]
I'm in Middle Tn, I talked to the ext agent about this a few months ago, he told there are not many.

We just getting started and I only have 8 paddocks right now, mostly devided by a single hot wire. And they are really too large. I'm still working on getting them laid out correctly so that I minimize the distance to water, and hopefully eliminate the running of too much water line. ( alot of rocks on our place just below the surface)

I'd say talk to your ext agent and see if there is a place close to you. I know last yr they had a Pasture Walk focusing on MIG around the state, but I didn't get to attend.


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