Rotational Grazing, Fly Rub, Calves from Avg Cows (pics)

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Dec 22, 2007
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SW Wisconsin
Here are some pictures from over the weekend.

Dun has a post here with a link to an ATTRA piece on pasture renovation and rotational grazing. I had a pasture that was all grass and giving out in the summer which I renovated last spring and have been rotating thru quickly and lightly. As we get into the dryer time of summer the clover interseeded keeps amazing me. The whole sward/sod has thickened nicely. I had just opened up a new area. You can see the before and after grazing. I had just taken up the wire in the foreground. I'm trying not to graze it down too close as we enter midsummer. That seems to help it come back better.

Interesting to see the calves, right at about 90 days old, suddenly seem to start grazing a significant amount too. They seem to like the clover especially.

Flies have been very bad this summer. I doubled up on the rub in front of the waterer and they seem to like to stand underneath it. It helps even the calves faces. Have to keep the rub charged though more than usual.

Also a couple of calf pics. These are calves born about May 1 out of some of my not-so-stellar cows. Always nice to get a surprise when a mediocre/average cow gives you a good calf. These three are from my bottom three cows. They are sired by my T21 bull. 3909 especially is a surprise - her mom about got culled last fall. It will be interesting to see how they develop. They are all growing "like weeds".







Thank you all for the kind words. I've been fortunate to have some good teachers as my system is developing. I need a pretty high stocking rate to make things work economically. Keeping the grazing growing is an ongoing experiment. Jim

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