Rookie Cop

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Jan 13, 2004
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Southeast Louisiana
A lady was filling her gas tank when she accidently overfilled it and splashed a little gas on her shirt sleeve. She thought nothing of it, paid for her gas and proceeded down the road. A few miles later she decided to light a cigarette..her sleeve still slighty damp with the fuel burst in to flames..The lady quickly swerved to the side of the road jumped from her car and began to sling her arm wildly in an effort to rid herself of the scalding pain...
A newly recruited policeman hapened to be very near the incident and upon seeing the frantic woman, remembered his training and quickly dropped to his knees behind his open patrol car door and formed the usual defensive position. When the woman, still trying to extinguish the flames turned toward the rookie cop, he fired three times killing the woman on the spot....

A tragic incident, but what was the officer to do? The woman was waving a firearm at him!!

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