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Apr 21, 2004
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I know I will get pryed like a wet dog on a hot day for this...

A few weeks ago, GW Bush and Romanian PM and President has strenghten their relationship with the war on Iraq. I did a bit of field research on Romanian President Ion Illescu and PM Adrian Nastase. I learned that before Romanian President Ion Illescu ran for President, he was a member of the Romanian Communist Party. When he ran for President 8 years ago, he changed party and became an member of the Socialist Democratic Party of Romania for both terms as President. PM Nastase is also member of the Socialist Democratic Party as well....both persons are an social Democrats! Shocking? Bush shaking hands and agreeing with two strong Social Democrats (one was former Communist!)
I heard through the grapevine that Illiescu was a very popular President until the War of Iraq began...This is his last year so he doesn't give a rat ass what people thinks of him...he is no longer popular.

Will have to look up other Iraqi Allies like Poland and Bulgaria and see which parties their President and PMs are in league with....
Do a little more research. The meaning of a term such as "democrat" doesn't mean the same thing in all countrys. Wjen a country is communist, what would you expect the members of the government to be?


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