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Oct 22, 2004
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:lol: Oh my gosh so have any of you heard of this comedian named Rodney Carrington? Well i hadn't either until my friend in north carolina who has another friend that is with universal(hahah sorry if that seems confusing!)told her about this cd called Hangin with Rodney that i guess came out not too long ago. Anyways she played a few tracks for me on his cd, there standup routines kinda like Jeff Foxworthy style. he's really funny making jokes about everyday things we all dont admit to! hahah if you want to hear what i mean heres a little clip.. tell me what you think!

Rodney Carrington is a lot funnier than Larry the Cable Guy, Jeff Foxworthy, and Bill Engvall of Blue Collar Comedy. I got to see Rodney in person in Ft. Worth, i started crying i was laughing so hard. Rodney also has a new show on ABC this fall, it, too, is hilarious.

If you havent heard of him and like good comedy, it would be advantageous to listen to him.
Also, Do Not try to listen to Rodney's CD's while driving, it could be dangerous.
Rodney Carrington is hilarious. I have all his cds but his latest one i wont say what it is because i dont know if it is appropiate. but have the time you will get a real good kick out of him. i think he goes to the tumbleweed in Stillwater about once a year. when i turn 18 in jan and if he shows up i am getting tickets
When i saw him in ft. worth, we got meet and greet passes and got to meet him and the two guys that opened for him. We talked with one of the openers for a good 15 mins. and then talked to Rodney for about 5, and got him to autograph a sign we made, but i cannot tell you what the sign said, but it does reference a song about a dozen roses and a pick up truck ;-) :lol:

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