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Dec 24, 2003
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Had these results in the email this morning:

Roden Angus Dispersal Sale Report May 30th, 2009

252 female lots grossed $585,425.00 for a $2323 average

32 semen lots grossed $16,215.00 for a $507 average

The sale grossed $601,640.00

Top Lots:
Top Donors:

Lot 1 - G A R EXT 916 sold for $25,000 to Big K Ranches in Cheyenne, WY
Lot 2 – G A R 1407 New Design 562 sold for $6500 to Rutherford Ranches in Buda, TX
Lot 3 – K Bar Predestined 878 sold for $5500 to Joe Dean in Boyd, TX and Big K in Ransom Canyon, TX

Top E.T. Calves:
Lot 20 – Roden 4465 Ideal 9332 sold for $5100 to Riverbend Ranch in Idaho Falls, ID

Top Weaned Calves:
Lot 1E – Roden RL Queenie 8502 sold for $4250 to Riclin Ranch in Grandview, TX

Top Spring Bred Heifers:
Lot 35 – 44 Blackcap 7561 sold for $4500 to Steve Hillhouse in LaGrange, TX
Lot 37 – 2 Bar Predestined 8194 sold for $4000 to Dreamcatcher Ranch in San Marcos, TX

Top Fall Bred Heifers:
Lot 66 – RTR Blackbird 7100 sold for $17,000 to Rawhide Trail Ranch in Austin, TX
Lot 69 – Roden RL Blackcap 7297 sold for $4500 to Ronnie Wallace in Comanche, TX
Lot 1B – Roden RL Queenie 70527 sold for $4250 to Joe Dean in Boyd, TX

Top Bulls:
Lot 188 – RTR Predestined 7302 sold for $9500 to Evans Farms in Stephenville, TX and Steve Zybach in Briscoe, TX
Lot 190 – Limestone Raven T718 sold for $4750 to ASH Angus LLC in Stamford, TX

Top Semen Lot:
Lot 259 – 31 units of EXT sold for $5270 to Premium Gold Angus in Stephenville, TX
It was a good sale with great turnout. Lots of familiar faces there to support the Roden's. Randy and family should be quite pleased.

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