Rock n Ribs

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Dec 30, 2008
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outside Kansas City MO
Any barbecue fans on the board? Just got back from Rock 'n Ribs at Bass Pro Shop in Springfield, Missouri. The in-laws have a bbq team so we tagged along as the "entourage". At this contest, the public gets to sample. The newspaper said there were 24,000 attendees and at times it seemed like they were all at our tent. The line went out of sight. The contest organizers provide about 200 pounds of meat especially for this, 2 briskets and the rest was pork butt. The first day, it ran out so fast that we made a dash to the store and bought 8 more pork butts out of our own pockets for the next day's public. Still ran out of meat a couple of hours before the sampling hours were over. They would have been delighted to win another "People's Choice Award", but apparently sometimes it takes more than good food, it takes a good gimmick. The award went to a guy wearing a pig nose, Miss Piggy wig and a pink tutu. They did bring home 2 trophies, they made the top ten in chicken and pork. 12th place overall out of 60 teams entered, not too shabby.

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