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can anyone help??? we have two feeder beef that have ringworm.
everyone has told us to brush on used motor oil.
HOW in the heck do you get motor oil onto these wild animals?
If you can't catch them you can't treat them. If you are afraid of them then let it run it's course.
If you are truly going to treat the ringworm, go to the store and buy Monastate 7. Rub that cream on the ring worm. Have to do it more than once.
I would try some antifungal cream instead. Canestan seems to work good.
I would put them in a chute. Failing that, you could try to cast them. Throw a loop around their neck, run the rope over their back and make a second loop behind their front legs , run the rope over their back and make a third loop in front of their back legs and pull as hard as you can on what you have left of the rope. They will fall over. Then apply the ointment. We've used this method before for trimming feet. But really, a chute works better.
If you can't catch them then you can't treat them. Put them in a head catcher if small enough rope em'. Our's are such pets you could just walk up to em' & put it on em'.
Ellie May

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