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I need to find the best and fastest way to get rid of ringworm for my 4-H calves. I can use anyone's advice. It is on 6 calves and all are tame so it will be easy to get after. Thanks
Anti-fungal type creams work well, too. Believe it or not, good old Absorbine Jr will kill the fungus...just be careful around the eyes when applying.

Take care.
The best that i have used is Tinactin spray. The same thing used on human fungus.
I sympathise with you! I usually have anywhere up to 15 steers and heifers at my schools show team facility (equivalent to your 4-H club) and I know from years of painful experience that it only takes one animal with a spot the size of a 5 cent piece to infect the entire shed. My advice is to use a human anti-fungal cream. It may be embarressing but if you can buy a vaginal cream from the chemist these are usually the best. Make sure you apply it daily, and when you do, use enough so that is completely covers the spots and don't rub it in all the way. To be effective it needs to smother the patch. In the meantime, be really carefull with your six calves and make sure that you dont use the same halter, brushes etc. on infected and not infected animals. Before I break my calves I always disinfect halters and other equipment. Also, I have heard that fluoride toothpaste will work. Hope this helps :D :D
Use a dilute bleech soln.

Use 2 Ounces per gallon of Water, spray on affected area every day till crusty skin is gone, fresh hair will start to grow within days

it is cheap and VERY affective

also wash all grooming tools in a dishwasher with dish soap, the bleach in dish saop will kill any residual ringworm which spreads easily from critter to critter when there are common grooming tools,

don't forget to soak halters as these are also a great place for germs to hide, then rinse and dry well

The other stuff works too, but it is slow by comparison and costs a whole lot more
Michelle Pankonien":1gv59q5w said:
....also wash all grooming tools in a dishwasher....

Michelle, do you recommend having one plumbed up chuteside or just using the one in the kitchen?

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