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I bought a show calf at a college feeder calf auction in november and he came with what I am certian is ringworm. I have tried many different methods to get rid of it, and nothing seems to work. I treated him with Ivomec today incase it was mange. I would appreciate any input, I am truly at a loss, nothing seems to work HELP!!!!

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If it was mange mites, I believe one method of Ivomec works better than the other - not sure. I know the pour-on only gets one type of lice (either biting or sucking - not both) and the injectable gets both. Mage mites sounds awful but it is actually quite common. There are many methods of getting rid of ringworm. I scrape it with a curry comb until all the dry flakes are gone and it starts to bleed. Then I put straight clorox on it. After that, I mix clorox & captan (a fungicide for your gardens) and make a paste & apply it for a few days. After that I simply keep it pasted with vaseline. Ringworm is a fungus and a fungus cannot survive without air. The vaseline smothers it (old timers used old greese or bacon greese) - vaseline is cleaner! Also, the vaseline softens the dry skin & gets it back to "passing" the vets a lot sooner. Now that your calf has it, the good thing is it won't get it again. Jeanne

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I treated him with the injectable Ivomec yesterday, and I have been pulling the scabs off with pliers and treating them with Fungisan and then covering them with spray glue. The vaseline sounds much easier and cleaner, I think I will try that. Thanks alot for your help!

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>The best results for me for ringworm in cattle is Tinactin,yes what humans use for fungus relief. You simply spray it on , you see results in days.

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