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  • Winchester ammo

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Jan 20, 2008
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Whats better to shoot Winchester ammo or Remington ammo when hunting deer? I have always used Winchester for all my guns but my friend swears by Remington. I wonna see ya'lls opinions
which ever your gun shoots the best
I use hand loads for serious shooting and factory loads for everyday shootin I have a Savage 270 that shoots winchester better but have a remington 30-06 that shoots rems better also have a rem 243 that won't shoot either one very consistently at over 125 yds
Haven't bought a centerfire rifle shell in 8 years but when I did I used Remington ammo. I still shoot a lot or Rem shotgun shells.
In my wifes 6mm Remington M700 we use only Remington factory stuff for deer hunting, For practice and just general messing around we use Seirra 60 gr hollow points. The reason for the factory stuff for deer is that I can equal the velocity OR I can equal the accuracy of the factory stuff with reloads. But I have to give up one to get the other. Only gun I've ever seen like that. I have anothr M700 Remington heavy varmint that shoots reloads better then facotry, Go Figure
If the gun doesn’t care then I will get a box of the cheapest. If it works good then I get a few bricks of it. I do have standards for the specs, but then the cheapest.

I have been told one brand leaves more residues but I don’t pay action to that stuff. If you can get the ammo that was made on a full moon then it fires truer because the extra gravity helps get the powder level :nod:
My 30-06 seems to work well with what ever I stick in it. For deer with the '06 I use the cheap Federal stuff but deer die easy. Elk are tougher to kill so I the 300 Win with a better quality bullet. For elk I use Remington safari grade with Swift A-frame bullets
My grandson's 20ga 1187 will not eject the wins, but handles the rems just fine. The only difference is 25 fps.
thanks for ya'lls comments and advice. i have always used winchester and never thought anything bout it
I've never used anything but Remington from 22's to high power rifles to shotguns. Just what I started on and stayed with years ago.
My father and I bicker about this all the time. I luv Rem and he likes WIN. It is really bad when deer season comes around. I finely got him to try REM ammo for his .22 Win Mag. He said he liked it but he won't switch to the good stuff. :banana:
if we're shooting deer with the .22, we get Eagle Long rifle shots, a good shot will bring it down nicely, but a .22 just doesn't have the power to go through ribs, etc... we have a .308 which we use army ammo in, solid point, it packs plenty of punch to drop a deer in it's tracks, for bears, I think it's a remington 7mm super mag, and it will not load winchester ammo, it's a differant dimension, the ammo is 180 gr I think, put's a 3" hole through anything, and can be heard for miles
I am partial to the Winchester Supremes in most of my rifles. This year I did try Remington Premier AccuTips in my 7mm-08 and was happy with the results on Whitetail deer. I use Remington loads in my Rem 700's in 6mm Remington. I have three in this caliber and they all prefer Remingtons. I have also used and like Federal Premium loads in my 7MM Magnum.
Reloads with Winchester brass, I've had trouble with Remington brass splitting out at the neck.
Fly-guy":2ofa8x1y said:
Reloads with Winchester brass, I've had trouble with Remington brass splitting out at the neck.

Remington brass to me has never been as ductile as Winchester and needed anealing before I could do much with it. For my wifes 6mm there isn;t a problem but I do a lot of brass forming for non-facotry stuff, .17 Ackley Bee, .219 Donaldson Wasp, etc. They take a lot of neck and shoulder work . Even blowing out the Rem stuff for a .22 K-Hornet the sholders will split and if they don;t they're still only good for a half dozen loadings without anealing them. Win brass last upwards of 15-20 loadings with out the fuss.

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