Retained Heifers & Pelvic Measurments

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Mar 20, 2011
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S.E. Queensland, Australia
TCRanch":f9pukp0j said:
wbvs58":f9pukp0j said:
TCRanch, I am interested in what that O.K. Corral setup is all about. Would you have a few photos of it you could post and tell us about it?


Ken, we bought ours in '09 & had it customized because the alley was too wide/too easy for the cattle to turn around. Looking at the website they now have a number of sizes. We generally haul ours around to different pastures with the tractor instead of the truck/flatbed; had a ball welded on the back. Wouldn't know what to do without it! It's heavy-duty but easy to open/move/utilize. We have the palp cage but not the auto head-gate. They do make tubs but not necessary for our operation. It does help that our cattle are very docile but if we need to catch one in a remote pasture we simply open one side of the corral & typically don't even bother with opening the alley; just back the trailer to the opening & load (okay, sometimes I bribe them with cubes inside the trailer then bail out the side door). It's a good investment for our operation because our main herd has access to appx 360 acres & it's not always an option to just walk them to the barn if there's a health issue plus it's not considered a permanent structure - a bonus for tax purposes.

OK thanks TC, looks very handy.


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