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I am very surprised that the US beats Canada. I always found American women to have more discretion than Canadian ones when dealing with casual sexual activity. Brits on top doesn't surprise me. :cowboy:
Now that there is one study I would have liked to be in! :clap:
Save a horse, ride a cowgirl!
Limomike":h9tbvb8a said:
Lammie":h9tbvb8a said:
Gee, how is this research conducted, exactly?
Kinda what I wondered... Maybe Chrisy can fill us in on this!! :help:

I'm not surprised at the results as the kids now seem to have the morals of alley cats, but as to how I think I'm to long in the tooth now to engage in all of that. I have seen girls as young as 12 parading around the streets pregnant and their Mothers not ashamed about it. I would have been mortified if one of my girls had been a young teen mum. Suppose it is the way they are bought up to a certain extent. Also seems to be the lower parts of society that are that way inclined, I know I sound a snob but I am in a way as I don't care to associate myself with that kind of person. (I'm a good girl I am)

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