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Jun 30, 2004
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Hi everyone. My family owns a farm in the mid-atlantic chesapeake watershed area. We had a dairy operation which we recently sold, along with the the facilities. We are trying to decide what to do with our remaining 200 acres. With the state programs available, we just placed 70 acres in native grasses, our state will cost share any conservation measures. We are interested in starting a cow calf operation to graze our pastures. We had some Angus when I was in 4-h, all I remember was them being kind of high strung. So we don't really know which breed would be a good fit for us. Color does matter in our region but not as drastically as in other parts of the country. So, I am looking for any comments, ideas, or opinions. Thanks
The angus would be a good choice, so would murray grey and a host of others.Research the net to see what tickles your fancy, then go ahead.Murray Grey would be an excellent choice,and there will be breeders in your area.
farminfirefighter":l735x8cn said:
Never heard of Murray Greys. Dad doesn't like angus because of their temperment. However is open minded

That is why you need to do the research before making a choice. The Angus is an excellent breed, so is the Shorthorn..... the cross of the two resulted in the Murray Grey. You can't ask for better dispositions, and they make good mama cows that have a lot of good qualities. Don't have to take my word for it, do the net search.
farminfirefighter":1rzgpt6d said:
Never heard of Murray Greys. Dad doesn't like angus because of their temperment. However is open minded

You definitely need to go with the Angus, in that case. At least get a few. Time to show "Dad" not to judge, or misjudge, an entire breed based on the disposition of a few. Most of those are long dead, anyway.
As someone has already sugested search the web for"beef cattle breeds"
Hopfully two or three will stand out to you, most comercial breeders crossbreed beef cattle for the hybred vigor that results from crossing blood lines.
Then go to some of the sales in the area, see what sells the best.
A British x Continental X British calf sells well in most central areas.
Do your homework, don't just jump in.
I agree, do your homework, as you are doing now. Then pick something YOU LIKE. If you have an aversion to a certain breed , go to another. There are plenty for everyone. I like Herefords for many reasons, one being their calm temeperment, and I prefer polled cattle. No horns for me. I have experience with Beefmaster, Red Brangus, Simmental, and others but am not sure what is right for your area. Anything with Brahman blood in it will be very spunky and agile and can get more hostile.
I think it would be hard to go wrong with the British breeds, Angus,British Whites, Herefords, Murray Greys,or Shorthorn. Breed is important but raising what you enjoy is important also. There aren't poor cattle just poor cattlemen.

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