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Mar 10, 2004
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Manitoba, Canada
I've seen a few posts on here lately for people looking for info on grass fed beef. I'm reading this book Reproduction & Animal Health
It actually has challenged alot of my beliefs about cattle raising. i'm not going to say that it has changed my whole philosophy but it certainly has made me think about what to look for when buying bulls, and how I raise my cattle. It is available at the link below. I know by looking at the web page, you'd think it was made by hippies, but the book itself is quite interesting.
If it works for you, go for it! Since I'm an ongoing learning Herbalist--this makes me 'different' & odd to most folks since I'm not 'mainstreaming' everything like most folks do. (No I'm not a freaky vegetarian-type-tree hugger, either!) LOL ;-)
There are several different 'theories' on what is best for raising cattle (or anything else for that matter.) If you like the idea, try it. You'll learn alot of different things in the process & as you see, it makes a person 're-think' of WHY we do or don't do certain things. (Call it 'thinking outside the box'.) Most folks are like me....'cause that was the way I was raised & taught, or everybody else did/does it that way. Doesn't mean that way is wrong; either. Amazing what you'll learn and/or never knew or thought of thinking about other than the 'norm'. I'm not gonna tell somebody they are doing it 'wrong' just because I don't do things their way.....To each their own. If their critters are healthy & happy they are doing something right--and that is the important part that counts!
Lots of info to be found on the internet....start digging around & see what you come up's & con's. Good Luck--watch out for 'brain info overload'---HA :shock:

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