Reported Posts - for rule breaking only - Ignoring what you don't like

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Sep 30, 2020
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Hey Guys and Gals
There is the reported posts feature and some of you know how to use it very well. It is there for when there is a rule being broken, not just because you don't like the way something is said.

Overly making reports about things you think is mean, not nice, does not conform with your outlook on life makes you a high maintenance member. High maintenance members can be given a forum vacation if it continues after Mod2, Mod3, or I let you know you're making excessive reports about things you don't like.

And please remember, this is a bit more barn type folks and not the white glove, tea party nicely nice. If you get insulted or object to something too easily, ignore it and don't read that post. If you want to not see a forum, let me know and I can make it not be seen when you are logged in. If it's a person, use the ignore feature and you will not see their posts and they cannot PM you either.

And a big one - Keep the political comments in that forum ONLY. If your Avatar, name or signature has political in - now is the time to change that as it contaminates all your posts outside the political area.

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