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Feb 26, 2004
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North Dakota
I would imagine that this varies greatly from region to region, but what does everyone pay to rent good grass pasture? Specifically per cow/calf pair and per acre, also what are the terms such as who provides fenceing supplies etc. Thanks.
I just checked with the extesion service last week. Pairs run 10-13 per pair per month. Depends on the size of the calf and the quality of the pasture. That's with water from a pond and the owner provides any extrasother then fencing. Stockers run 6-8 per head per month, same conditions as pairs.

We're seeing deeded pasture leasing for $18-$22 per pair per month. State and federal land leases have been running mostly in the $8- $14 range.
Yikes! I'm giving $2.50/acre annually. No limit on number of head. Forage grows rather quickly and flush allowing me to run as high as 2 acre/pair. Must be that down here the real objective is for the landowner to find a sucker like me to run cows just so he can get an ag exemption on his taxes. Not too many suckers like me, so I nearly have the market cornered in this particular area.

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