Releasing belt tension on Hesston 5510?

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May 16, 2017
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Hello all, I'm trying to help my Grandfather out who has a Hesston 5510 round baler figure out how to release the tension on its belts. I tried looking for a free version of the user manual but didn't have much luck so any help would be much appreciated. If you need more information just let me know so I can ask because I'm not exactly sure what belts he's reffering to or why he needs them to be loosened.


Not familiar with Hesston balers, but I looked that model up on Tractor House and it looks to have an external tensioner arm on the front top side of the baler. I'm betting that arm travels up and back on it's pivot as the bale forms. If you raise the tailgate with an empty chamber, I'm betting that roll will go up and back. With the tailgate open, I'd run a chain between that roller and the topmost stationary roller. Then let the tailgate back down until the tension has been released.

Be mindful to mechanically block the tailgate from closing on you, do not rely on the hydraulic pressure to hold it open. Be safe, and take your time.

Best of luck.
I had a 5540(?) back in the day and I cut a couple of 2X4 would blocks just long enough to fit between the arms that cfpinz mentioned and then would close the tailgate. That's what my owners manual described; the pivot arms are in front about 5' off the ground. The idea of also putting a chain on is a good idea as I never really felt comfortable crawling around with just a couple blocks of wood holding it.

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