Registration number for hereford bull

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That's not a registration number. Its a semen code off of a straw. The first two digits represent the stud facility location, followed by HP for Polled Hereford, and 2655 representing the bull in the stud's inventory. :cowboy:
Yes i understand that but what i'm looking for is the registration number so my daughters can register there calves from this bull, last year they had there yearling heifers breed to this bull and had 2-heifers they want to get registered and we cant find the numbers, and our Alta rep who bred the cows cant find it either.
Based on the number, the semen was collected at the GENEX facility in Strafford MO. You could give them a call and should be able to get the information. Or read the registration number off of the straw itself
I may be wrong, but I think that you have to have a certificate to register the calf. Usually you can buy the certificate from where you bought the semen.

ETA: The certificates are for people who do not own the bull who want to register AI calves.

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