Registered Beefmaster heifer

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Jun 24, 2004
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Cayuga County NY
I am interested in buying a registered Beefmaster heifer. If you raise Beefmaster it would be greatly appretiated if you would sell me a heifer. I am willing to pay all that she is worth. If you, or someone you know would do me this favor please pm me.

P.S. As I live in New York, transpertation is a factor...
i'm in georgia and have no purebred beefmaster heifers for sale. sorry
Is this for show or breeding purposes? If you plan on using her for breeding purposes I wouldn't recomend beefmaster. You don't need that much brahma up north. I would probably go with the english breeds.

I run brangus and a few angus down here, but the dad burn bugs are so bad it is almost a necessity to have a little brahma descent.

Actually, I didn't relize this until I visited the third shift of the State Fair. Santa Gurtrudis are rather popular up here. I bet there was more exibits of them than Red Angus or Simmental. Remember just because they tolerate heat doesn't they like it. If you raised a Beefmaster steer like we raise our Herefords and Angus it would probably yield like a Hereford or Angus. Also the 10 days out of the year it tops 90 degrees they'll be the ones eating and not in the shade.

Wasn't there a guy that posted messeges about 7 months ago that raised Bramahs in Alberta...