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Thanks Frankie. I did get the package from the Angus asso. and read 90% of it all. I missed that part some how on the pathfinder status. I have been on the Angus site but I didn't see it there either. Not the best at getting through some of the web sites. Is the pathfinder stat a good thing? or?? These heifers a breed for their first calf and I just bought an easy calving bull with pretty good EPD's. He is a Bando with good EPD's except YW. I was just wondering what to do with the pathfinde calves to improve or leave as is.

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Pathfinder status is a good thing. Did you click on the link I posted? It says that: 1.The cow must produce her first calf near the herd's average age for first calving. 2. The cow must maintain a regular calving interval. and 3. The cow must produce at least three calves with an average weaning weight ratio of 105 to qualify for the report. A minimum of 10 herdmates or contemporaries must be evaluated together each year to determine the weight ratio. To continue to qualify each consecutive year, the cow must produce regularly and wean a calf that helps maintain the average weaning ratio of 105 or above. But once a cow is designated Pathfinder, she is always a Pathfinder, even though she might not qualify for listing each year.

A bull is designated a Pathfinder when enough of his daughters attain Pathfinder status.

As you can see, calves can't be Pathfinders, but if their dam is a Pathfinder, that's a good thing. Don't hesitate to post questions or email me if you want. Good luck....

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All correct. Also it takes 5 pathfinder daughters to make a bull a pathfinder. If you breed yearlings to calve at two a cow will be 5 before she has three calves weaned and her sire will be at least 7, so those are the earliest ages for a bull and cow to make pathfinder.

Pathfinder status is more than just a superior animal in a herd. It probable comes from a superior herd to begin with, because not everyone takes all the weights required and pays $3.00 per head to turn them in.You h ave to be enrolled in AHIR (Angus Herd Improvement Records) the "Breed Improvement" program to to this.

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