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Sep 28, 2004
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I have been lurking here for several months. I have seen the tone of this forum go from friendy to political to uptight. It is still not like it was in march or april. I honestly believe that the election year has much to do with that along with a few persistent individuals that cannot or will not take a hint. I have seen the gurus and super gurus accept their titles and I have witnessed Blackpowder's fall from his pedistal. I really enjoy this forum. I would hate to see it fall by the wayside because of a few individuals that insist on picking at each other. I am no rookie when it come to the cattle, so some of the idiotic things I have read here did not scare me away. Although the post hole thread was good for a chuckle. I can't explain what kept me from registering, but I do like the red folders! Thanks Macon, this is a great site.
Sincerely, RedWhiteFace
Welcome Aboard!

Like all small towns we have a few problem characters. But most Members are nice, knowledgeable and helpful cattle producers.
Yes, I also thought for sure that after Macon banned the political posts, then that would stop the bickering among us. But now it seems that there is even bickering among the pure cattle posts, such as AI'ing and Showing Cattle. I guess it's just like real life and everyone is gonna have differing opinions on things and thankfully we live in a country where we can express those opinions. It does appear that some folks can expresss those differences better than others, while some just have a hard time with folks who dont agree with everything they say and expect you to just accept it, no matter what. But I do believe that most of us would help each other out if needed and I guess thats what really counts!

Can't understand why folks cant be more like myself and just roll with the flow and not cause any waves, just agreeing with the posters and making them feel comfortable!! :lol:

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