Red or Black Angus Bull

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What are his calves like ? EPDs mostly bw & milk any information really I brought a 50 straw package last year & was going to use him over some of my angus heifers & xbred angus cows as well as a few of the dairy cows.
If it is the same bull;

His sire was known to be a "power" bull. A lot of growth muscle with larger birthweights and poorer calving ease (well off from breed average); he was a growth trait leader in his day & is still high up on the growth EPD's. Definitely not a heifer bull. He also had quite a bit lower than average milk. We had some grand-daughters of his and didn't have any issues. They had beautiful udder and teat set, and most of them had adequate milk, with reasonable BW. He was also a big bull (about frame 7) as were the cows we had; big, thick and well made.

The problem is Dalton's mother is a moderate sized, low BW calving ease dam with pretty good milking ability.

So with these two animals combined who knows what you'll get. Daltons numbers are all about average for the breed here in Canada.

My reccomendations are: don't use him on heifers I don't think he is a sure thing for calving ease; if you are looking for commercial production females don't use him, the cows will probably be bigger and have a little less milk (not a profitable combo). He might make some good steers, they would have some growth, muscle and eye appeal. That would be my take, maybe someone else has a different opinion.

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