Red Meat- Eat Sparingly.....Will people believe this???

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Jun 13, 2004
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I was watching the early show this morning on cbs, and they had a person on there saying changes need to be made to the food pyramid, which i am not completely against. This guy emphasized the red meat needs to be eaten, like fats, oils, and sweets once were, sparingly. Is this a good idea? i know red meat is good for you but i dont make it my sole diet, however, a day hardly goes by i dont eat some kind of beef. i would do more research into this topic but right now i dont have time and wont have much time until this weekend, maybe. Will this cause consumption to go down, people to be wary of red meat or any kind of meat for that matter, etc. i do not believe everything i hear on the news i usually look into something further.
is this something that will cause problems or was this something to "fill in" more airtime?
Just a few years ago it was eggs that were BAD BAD, and before that pork was BAD BAD, and we all know fish are BAD BAD because of the mercury in them, so now it is beef that is BAD BAD.
The folks that come up with this stuff are just DUMB DUMB
The days when the media reported independently verified "facts" are GONE GONE
rbell":2skvkyqq said:
The folks that come up with this stuff are just DUMB DUMB

The folks that fall for it are the ones that are DUMB DUMB. And you know there will be some that do

Who knows what to believe? I live by the New Testament and eat just about anything I want in moderation. Ooops, haven't achieved beef in moderation yet, unless medium rare is considered "moderately" cooked. I did some Biblical research a while back because of the talk about the "Makers Diet". The Doctor that printed that stuff is missing the entire New Testament. One more time, "Don't believe everything you read, unless it's in the Bible."
HA-I saw their 'new' food pyramid they are talking about last fall in a hog publication of all places. I thought "Oh Boy" this is gonna freak some folks out! :D
Just like anything else; too many people are really 'sheeple' and believe whatever the media is saying. They are the kind that go to the doctor and say "fix me and/or give me some pills!!" They don't want to have to change anything they eat/drink or heaven forbid get some real exersize! ;-)

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