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hey i am just starting to show red brangus and i need to know are they hard to halter break and are they skidish because i dont see very many people showing them plezzz help e~mail me or IM Me C0wGurl1308 N~E Time
It's been awhile since I showed cattle but I may have a few tips. Start as young as you can. Alot of it is building trust with the animal. Always take a little grain or a special treat with you every time you go out. Reward the calf when it does what you want it to do. This may be a slow process. Start by putting on the halter. When you pull, the calf will usually try to pull back. Hold up the reward and if the calf walks towards it give the reward to it. Little by little, you will be able to get the calf to do more and more for the reward until eventually, they will almost do backflips for you.
If you don't have the time to do this, I've seen some people train them by hooking the halter rope up to the back of a truck or tractor and having someone drive while you walk in the normal position you would be in if you were leading the calf. Eventually, the calf gives up pulling and eventually you should be able to lead it without the tractor. I saw a couple of calves who pretty quickly figured out that when the truck was gone so was all the pull on the rope. It sucks getting pulled through the show ring. I would try the first approach if you have time. Good luck.
We, my son and I, always tied the calves to a post and left them there. Later we would pull them to the water and feed then return them to the post. It wasn't long that they reallized the reward was in the water and feed and would lead.
Good luck
hey its me cowgurl1308 again this is going to be my 2nd show heifer my first i was leading it by my self in 4 days we tied her up in a dark place with 1 bucket of water and food and i was the only 1 she saw (she was a charolais) and when i took her out of her doungen(the dark place where we keep her) i walked her staright to to a water bucket and she leared really quick she a few weeks later she got scared of someting and jumped some one cattle gaurd we left her in his paster for a few hours she she could calm down when we came back and found her i walk up 2 her and she ran towards me like "oh i missed you" she has been great i wish all heifers were like her i had a crzy steer that would run at me and try to knok me down and she would get in frount of him so he would not hit me i just hope my next heifer (red brangus) is as loving as she is those last 2 years with her at the shows and every thing was great i will miss showing her but now i get a new heifer to work with and i also get to watch my other heifer (tha charolais) have her calves. i hope red brangus are as fun and sweet