Red Angus Bulls

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Jan 20, 2004
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If you put a Red Angus bull on Black Angus cows will the calves be black? And will this add any heterosis?
100% correct. We have an old lack ANgus cow that is a red carrier. She has had two red baldy calves in the past two years. We have sevveral others that have never had a red calf. If there is any heterosis it's pretty much in line with crossing to family lines within any one breed.


A. delaGarza":1w2mz5qp said:
as far I know no heterosis and you could get Black or Reds depending on the genetical history of what you are breeding
So when you breed a Red Angus bull to a Black Angus cow with the red carrier gene she will have a red calve. And the black angus cow that doesnt have the red carrier gene will have a black calve when bred to a Red bull? Thanks.
She will about half the time... if it's a heterozygous black bull and a heterozygous black cow about 25% of their calves will be red
if both black parents have the red gene one in four will be red, that is where the red angus came from because there were carriers and someone started keeping them. black angus breeders would cull the ones with the red gene.