Red and grey brahmans

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May 7, 2004
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What is the differance between red brahmans and grey brahmans if any? also anyone know why the grey brahmans are born with red on them? Just wondering. Thanks for your replys.
The American Brahman (both Gray and Red) was developed from a mixing of Indian and Brazilian breeds (Gir, Guzerate, Nelore and later the Indu-Brazil) imported into the U.S. and Texas from the mid 1800's until 1946

The Gray have more Guzerate blood and the Reds have more Gir. The Grays start off reddish or with a reddish poll from their Guzerate heritage. Temperments are a bit different between the reds and grays the reds being more complacent and easier to handle. The gray is a shorter meatier animal and is the most popular type. I perfer the red mainly for the temperment.

In my opinion, the gray Brahmans tend to be "meatier" , and the reds more framey. Just my experience with them, and I"ve got reds and grays

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