Reality of selling Longhorns at the AB

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OR . . . you could just buy this way cool rug and call it good if you like Longhorns. Sorry, but with any "breed" post, thought it could use a little levity;):)
Number 2....As novelties, they sell very high. I have a client that raises registered LHs for people's yard ornaments, and they bring in the high 4 figures, regardless of what beef prices are.
Pretty much what he said, re-framed.
LHs are novelty cattle, not sought after beef cattle, yard ornaments have little value as beef cattle here. We'll sell them for you if you want, but don't bxtch to me about the price you get. (The same for Highlands and other novelty breeds)

He was just giving a friendly heads up as to expectations in local market.
No reason for you to jump down his throat about it.
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