Re: What would be the best bull for Hereford cows?

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> Hello everyone, I have just
> finish going through some of the
> messages on this board.I notice
> that they were saying it was
> better to breed hereford bull with
> a black angus heifer,not Black
> angus bull with a hereford cow.
> Well I have a problem we have 7
> hereford heifers.We are looking to
> buy a bull in late April or early
> May. We are newcomers to cattle
> raising.What is usually around the
> cost of a Angus? And does someone
> know of any ranch in Oklahoma
> selling black angus? Kim Seeking
> expert advice Hi, I have seen real good success with breeding purebred Hereford cattle with a black Simmental bull. You will get a big increase in growth of your calves due to the increased hybrid vigor from crossing a British (hereford) type cow with a Continental (Simmental) type bull, over just crossing two British breeds, like Herefore X Angus. Modern Simmental's do not experience any more calving difficulty than modern Angus, so you don't have to worry about that either. The calf would be a black baldy with an excellent disposition and highly sought after on today's market. Another market outlet would to be selling your F1 heifers as herd replacements to another breeder if you didn't want to keep them for yourself. Simmental cross females make outstanding broodcows. Good luck with your new enterprise. I would be interested in hearing how it turns out.

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Hi Jessie, I have been blessed since I last posted on this board.I didn't get a Angus and it wasn't the bull I had been looking for . With just starting out something new we can put the money I was going to use for the bull into my pastures.We have our farm in a very giving,and caring community.We have some acres that we let others sharecrop on because we aren't living there yet.But to make a long story short.One of our neighbors that watch after the cattle brought down his Charolais bull to our property.So we will see how that goes.I didn't have to pay anything right now and it was truly a blessing.So right now I am set.I will always keep coming to this board for suggestions you guys are the experts(smile). Thanks


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Just reading I have found out that people are telling you to breed to simental bulls. This is a great breed to breed to I have raised 200 simentals. But if you dont have the pasture to keep them then you should go with a brahman bull because tiger stripe cattle are going fairly well at the auction right now. And they are fairly easy to maintain.

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I know that there are alot of differing views on this from different, people but the best way to decide is to go to the nearest feeder market, and talk to so of the bigger Midwest buyers. I'm sure that the most common answer you will be given is a good black angus bull. I have crossed my herefords with both limo bulls and angus bulls. Every time I crossed with angus I topped the sale for the day I sald my feeders weather it was steers or heifers. Remember this is just 1 opinion, but I've tried it both ways.

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Hereford crossed with chianina is a darned good cross they are called chifords.
I think the best cross would be with either Red Angus or Black Angus. Their is a reason why the baldies sell so good every year and at every sale. I would rather use Red Angus myself.
The Black Angus bull on the Hereford is cow a better cross than the opposite.

J. T.":r7nb8xi0 said:
Original post on this thread was 4 1/2 years ago y'all!

my point exactly, they ain't gunna care what ya'll say. Them cows has had a few calves since them I"m sure!!
how in the world can you pull up these old posts? where can I go to look at them? I wont
CommercialCattleManTN":37f4mz2f said:
Hereford crossed with chianina is a darned good cross they are called chifords.

Are chiford as big as chiangus? Ive been to the Willow Oak Chiangus Bull Sale in Rogersville several times. Those are some big cows and the herd bulls are mountainous. Are chifords the same?
this one is easy. brangus.

cokeman, what is with your obsession about size?
From what I have seen yes chifords are big. They get the big size and long legs from the chianina. On the cattle show one night on rfd tv they had a segment on there where this guy was raising chifords and chiangus angus and chianina boy you talking about some big ole cows and bulls.
Beefy":1o8tnu3j said:
this one is easy. brangus.

cokeman, what is with your obsession about size?

Got to agree with you on that one Beefy if you aint got a good hereford. Aint none of them frilly french cattle worth having.