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: : can anyone out there tell me if the livestock industry is being manipulated by the meat packing and grain giants?<p>: so far as i can tell........not yet.....some reason cattle ranchers are stronger in fighting then the pigs and poultry farmers were. Us cattlemen(or women) are tough characters(been tough since the Old West Days!). Give it ten years when the Gov't ruins our ass and barge the beef into a plucked industry such as BOK....etc...goodluck!!<p>I agree,the the men and women i know in the cattle industry are tough.I also believe that the days of the old west laws are gone.Today,there is to much money and power involved in the red meat and grain industry and when you have that much money involved someone is going to take over.We've made it to easy for them,unlike in the days of the old west when it was hard work and long hours.Who wants to take over and do all the hard labor.I also don't believe it's the government thats controling us.Would you like to read more about this? and what we can do to stop it.
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