Rate of gain.

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I am feeding out some holstein steers. They are on a self feeder with a mixture of 1800# shell corn - 200# Hubbard premium dairy beef finisher. Which is the recommended ratio along with free choice hay. What is a ballpark on the amount of feed intake to gain 1 pound of weight. Thank you.

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You need to provide more information- Are they implanted?, What weight?, Why are you feeding 200# of a complete feed along with 1800# corn?, Do you have a nutritionist on board? Typically, implanted lightweight steers will gain at 8 to 10 pounds feed per pound gain, as they get older and heavier, their feed conversion is more efficient, up to 5 pounds feed fed per pound of gain. My suggestion is to download the NRC ration calculator, available thru Oklahoma State's website,(http://www.ansi.okstate.edu) you can then formulate the predicted gain and feed efficiency. Hope this helps Monty

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