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Aug 31, 2005
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Central Texas
My day job usually requires a lot of driving and consequently I have a lot of "thinking" time. I have had one thought that popped up last week and I am curious to find an answer. So if you own land in a different county than you live in, do you get to vote for that commissioner for that county? My farm is 5 miles down the road from my house and is in a different county, there fore I pay taxes in 2 counties (1 for house and 1 for land). Should I get a right to vote for the commissioner that controls the area where my farm is? I can vote for the commissioner in the county where I live. Just wondering if anyone has thought this before.
You can only vote in the county in which you are registered which should be the county of your primary residence.
I've thought about it before. Kinda like taxation without representation. I have the same situation as I own land in five counties and two states but can only vote in one area. I also own land and a business in town and cannot vote in town at all. But I'm sure there are a lot of people who will be glad to spend our tax dollars wisely.
csutton":rc0rzqvj said:
Thats what I was afraid of. Oh well, gives me incentive to build the new house!

But you have to live in the house at least some many months before you are eligble to vote. But I'd build it anyway cause lumber is dirt cheap and interest is low.
I got elected to the FSA review board in a county I don't have residency in. Somebody from the FSA office called and told me I was elected but was disqualified because my primary residence and my voter registration wasn't in the county.
jedstivers":rtnb6jm5 said:
Also only someone who owns property should be able to vote for property taxes (millage).
I also feel that people who live in town should not be able to vote on our county issues we aren't allowed to vote on their city issues
The county I live in has only 1 town which makes up 60% of the population any time we try and vote on a road and bridge issue it gets knocked down because the roads in town are fine so the town people kill anything we try to do

A friend of mine has a garage and tire business there is 3 buildings on his property 1 is in the city limits and 2 are in the couny he has no city services (water, trash,sewer or elec) so him and a city councilman had a disagreement and he moved his cash register to one of the buildings in the county and quit collecting city sales tax, the mayor and everyone on the city council tried to get him to move it back because they lost the sales tax revenue on $750,000 a yr
I think it was funny

small town politics are great

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