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I know that name of this topic may sound confusing but I will try my best to explain it.

I was at a local cattle auction the other day in my home state of Wisconsin and I happened to watch the dairy cow auction and it really got me to thinking. Most of these dairy cows were not even 5 years old and were destined to be slaughtered. The reason, low milk productivity and old age. I know most farms specifically larger ones like 2 and 3 year olds or so I have heard.

I currently own 15 angus, herefords, and crosses and was thinking of buying some of these "worthless" cows. At least 5. Theres nothing wrong with them that a Vet couldnt fix and from what I hear and eaten, holstein beef is very lean and good tasting in my opinion. I would like to raise these mamma cows like I would with beef cows and not dairy cows.

Is it possible to raise dairy cows like holsteins as beef cows? Breed them to my beef bulls or AI with holstein bulls? Most dairy cows sent to auction have very small problems that dont fit the dairy way of life so why instead of being slaughtered be raised as a beef cow and have a longer and happier life than being slaughtered?

Thanks and have a good day. I really appreciate the help.
Dairy farms don't sell good cows just because they are 5 years old. Those cows have problems like feet, udders, mastitis, they won't breed, or some other problem.

If you did buy one that didn't have serious problems, she would need special treatment to run as a beef cow. Holstiens are bred for milk production, and nutrition is closely monitored. On grass they will go down in condition without suppliment. Calves from them will be worth less because they will show dairy qualities, narrow backs and poor feed conversion.

Spend the money on beef cows, buy better quality cows, not someone's problems. The extra money they cost will be returned in better calves, bringing better money.

Jason Trowbridge Southern Angus Farms Alberta Canada

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Jason is right BUT, some club calves are pushed with some holstien genetics I saw a steer that just happened to be all black and he came out of a dairy farm and the guy that bought him was a joker. Fed him like crazy and showed him off at just the right time in his growth. talk about some red faces!

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